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We're here for you.
As photographers, financial strategists, communications coaches, and calligraphers,
The Mastermind Retreat Leadership Team is made up of business owners just like you, dedicated to educating and encouraging you in your journey.

We're present the entirety of
The Mastermind Retreat, excited for biz talk
and late night wine chats.

Lauren, Josefina, Brooke, Callie & Laura

Who we are

After years of doing business "solo" and searching for an environment where we could grow, seek feedback from others, and build a business in community, The Mastermind Retreat was born. Callie, Laura, & Lauren united with a couple other women in Savannah for an intimate, impactful, and productive business retreat in 2016. We had attended a variety of workshops and conferences previously, but this time felt different. We left not only with a list of action items, but also with phone numbers in their contact list of people to call on in highs and lows. 

From there, we left with a dream to recreate the opportunity for other small business owners in the industry to experience the same. The first Mastermind Retreat was hosted in the Fall of 2017, followed by a second in February of 2019 and now, we're thrilled to be opening the doors for the 3rd group in November 2019! These women have become dear friends not just to each other, but to our leadership team. Watching them thrive in life and business following our time together has been easily one of our most valuable experiences collectively. 

So will you join us, friend? We truly created The Mastermind Retreat to foster business building in intimate community & in a beautiful setting for people like you. A place for your business to change for the better. Where the leaders are there to serve, not to stand on a pedestal. We can't wait to meet you, and are here for any questions you may have! 

With love,
Lauren, Callie & Laura

Our Story